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Little Bit of Pottery

I've had to limit myself to only two mediums, although, within those two mediums there are still plenty of options for creativity.

Let me jump back a bit. At one point I had supplies for scrap-booking, painting, drawing, pottery, quilting, embroidery...I could go on but that's just off the top of my head. I needed to condense what I was hording, (lets just call it what it was!) and limit what I was going to spend my money on.

So I decided that I enjoyed painting and pottery the most, for different reasons. First, I wanted to get better at both mediums, that's important. I was spreading my creativity out with a wide net and even though I was making artwork I was too fickle and would bounce around from one thing to another like an artistic grasshopper.

Painting I enjoy because it is a little more inside my head. I sit down with some music and start mixing colors and painting. Its meditative and contemplative but it takes time to get to where I want it to go.

Pottery I can do something quickly and in a short period of time and feel like I accomplished something. There is more physicality to pottery compared to painting (at least the way that I paint) but its a little more immediate to the completed product than painting is. At least thats the way that I think about it.

My painting does inform my pottery...its not the other way around at this stage but here is some pottery that I thought about with a painterly touch. I haven't painted much in the past couple of weeks but I do have plans to get painting over the next month. I'll post those once I get started.

I wanted to do a mug that featured the Peace River where I live.

In this cup I was experimenting with underglaze techniques and layering

These next two pieces I was playing with textures and finishing. One is a cup and the other is a mug.

These two mugs were experimentation of combining 3D printing and pottery. It is a topographical map of the Peace River.

Lastly here are some bowls that I tried out new glazes with. Love them so much I am keeping them. Most of the time I sell pottery because I would have quite the collection if I didn't but these two pieces I loved a lot.

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